Gwen Graham Urges Congressman Southerland to Donate Taxpayer Funded Salary After Voting to Shutdown Government

For Immediate Release: October 1, 2013

Julia Gill Woodward, Campaign Manager

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Last night, Congressman Steve Southerland predictably chose to play government shutdown politics.  Gwen Graham issued the following statement, urging Congressman Southerland to donate his taxpayer funded salary to charity until he does his job and passes a budget that keeps the government open:

Like so many in Washington, Congressman Southerland has forgotten that Congress exists to solve problems, not be an arena for political sport,” said Gwen Graham. “His decisions have real consequences, like allowing the Farm Bill to expire, exposing military families to economic hardship and hurting small business here at home. Not once since Congressman Southerland was elected has Congress actually passed a budget, and last night they failed again.  Enough is enough.  Until Congressman Southerland does his job and passes a budget that keeps our government open, he simply does not deserve his taxpayer funded salary.  We pay them to solve problems, not score political points. In Congress, my commitment to the people of North Florida will be to work with both Republicans and Democrats to focus on solutions instead of partisanship – because these problem solving values are at the core of what makes North Florida and our country great.”